The Magic of Snoopy and Charlie Brown – 2134期

After the exhibitions in Kaohsiung and Taichung, Snoopy, the well-known comic icon , finally arrived in Taipei where the sixty-fifth anniversary of the “Snoopy Express”(史奴比特展)had released at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park(松山文創園區)to show the magic of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

“After numerous ongoing communication, Peanuts(花生漫畫)had finally authorized the copyright of Snoopy to us for organizing the exhibition,” said Shu-ching Tu(杜甦勤), the creative director of Jades Integrate Co., Ltd(傑迪斯整合行銷股份有限公司). 

Based on the widespread success of the exhibitions in Kaohsiung and Taichung, the exhibition in Taipei had released several special activities, such as the debut of Snoopy’s sister ”Belle” and the display of the collection of vintage items from fans. Moreover, the exhibition made the interaction with fans more direct and intimate with the use of technology and classical elements in this event. For instance, the curator designed a football field to let citizens play football with Snoopy.

“Snoopy has been my favorite cartoon figure all the time from my childhood, now I still like accessories associated with Snoopy,” said Chloe Hsu(許文麗), a local Taipei citizen.

Once mentioning about the designing concept of the exhibition, Tu replied “Besides showing how adorable Snoopy is, we also gives our visitors some introduction about Snoopy’s author Charles M. Schulz.”

According to the data, it was estimated that the “Snoopy Express” had attracted more than five hundred thousand viewers to came to reminisce about this memorable childhood character “Snoopy.”


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