Let Imagination Leap, Bologna Illustrators Exhibition – 2134期

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition(波隆那世界插畫大展)has always been held in Italy, which is regarded as the “Art Palace” by illustrators all over the world. In order to “bring the world to Taiwan,” Bologna Illustrators Exhibition is holding its second exhibition in Taiwan even since its first debut 15 years ago. From February 14th to April 6th, it is held in Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall(中正紀念堂). Over 380 pieces of works coming from 19 countries will be on display and will take people to the imaginative world.

“Taiwan’s creative culture is limited, and this exhibition can not only help artists broaden their horizon, but also make them more competitive.” Said Leo Chan(陳柏良), a member of Planning Department of the organizer, Greenland International Books Co.,Ltd(閣林國際圖書有限公司).“In addition, there are lots of artists who like illustrating in Taiwan. It is also a stage for them to identify their works.”

The audio guide provided in the gallery can help people know the skills, materials and meanings of these art pieces. Besides, it also sets DIY dream graffiti zone and provides children painting tools, paper and wall to create their own works. Frans Chang(張義源), a visitor who is also engaged in the related industry said the works in European countries and Japan left a deep influence on him.“Cause they dealt with the color and brushstroke more explicitly, the composition of paintings is different from those in Taiwan. The exhibition provides the artists opportunities to know more about the art and know how to improve themselves in the future.”


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