The Incentives in Medical Cosmetic Industry

By Hsu Yu-shan(許毓珊), Liu Chia-yu(劉家瑜)

In recent years, more and more people care about their appearance: they hope to look attractive. There also has been more and more medical cosmetic news on TV. With the increase of medical cosmetic consumers, the increasing chance of medical professionals entering the medical cosmetic market has caused the shortage of medical staffs. What is the incentive for medical professionals entering the medical cosmetic market?


Many people care about their beauty, and the medical cosmetic industry is thriving. Photo/ Hsu Yu-shan(許毓珊)

Huang Chun-yuan(黃俊源), a plastic surgeon (整形外科主治醫師) at Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (萬芳醫院) said, “It is people’s natural instincts try to be beautiful, people like to be good-looking, so, they may choose to have a plastic surgery, such as nose augmentation(隆鼻), double-eyelid surgery (割雙眼皮) and liposuction(抽脂).” The training of physicians for plastic surgery is easier than that of other medical professions, and the effects of plastic surgery can be seen pretty quickly. Many nurses are tired of working in hospitals, and working in the medical cosmetic industry need to contact customers more often. If the medical staffs like this pattern, they will transfer their jobs to medical cosmetic clinics.

Huang Chun-yuan(黃俊源)says, patient should understand the limitation of beauty, instead of pursuing it excessively. Photo/ Hsu Yu-shan(許毓珊)

In recent years, many medical staffs choose to enter the medical cosmetic industry, Wang Chia-chen(王佳珍), director of dermatology(皮膚科主任)at Cardinal Tien Hospital(天主教耕莘醫院)said, noting “there are higher profits in the medical cosmetic industry. Compared to other treatments, this industry has less medical disputes than others like  cardiothoracic anesthesia(麻醉科)and cardiology(心臟科).” In general, physicians who entered this industry do not have such a big pressure. Besides, this kind of surgery rarely cause deaths or result in severe complications.

Wang Chia-chen(王佳珍)indicates, medical cosmetic industry has less medical disputes and pressure. Photo/ Hsu Yu-shan(許毓珊)

“The medical cosmetic industry is like a service industry,” said  Huang Wan-ting(黃琬婷), deputy general manager of Medical Cosmetic Division at Humanity Medical Cosmetic Clinic(美仁欣醫學美容診所). The medical staffs in medical cosmetic clinics need to introduce some medical courses to customers, they also need to listen to customers’ needs, and, especially, they need to have not only professional knowledge but also truly love to service people. The medical staffs are like the technical staffs, nowadays, who need to learn how to get along with customers. “We need to smile and be patient with our customers. Plastic surgery industry is kind of service industry indeed,” Huang said.

Although many medical staffs like to enter the medical cosmetic industry, the imperative thing is that government should amend relevant regulations, inspect the medical equipment more seriously and train physicians who aimed at working in the medical cosmetic industry more strictly, so as to prevent uneven qualities of medical service in this industry.

Government should inspect the plastic medical equipment rigorously to make it safe. Photo/Hsu Yu-shan(許毓珊)
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