Potential Risks behind Beauty

By  Chuang Li-cheng(莊立誠), Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

To do plastic surgery or not, you should balance the pros and cons first. Nowadays, influenced by Korean opera and TV stars, lots of people tend to do plastic surgery, however, there are lots of potential risk. According to the expert, before taking the surgery, people should balance the pros and cons thoroughly, also have a complete discussion with their doctor.

The advertisements of cosmetic surgery clinics are posted in public area. Wanfang Hospital offers cosmetic surgery service. Photo/Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

In modern times, with the advanced of medical techniques, many people tend to do plastic surgery. Although the plastic surgery industry has been matured, however, there are still lots of potentially risk. There are several seasons lead the phenomenon so popular, such as the Korean opera, entertainers on TV shows, etc. People usually do not think thoroughly before they come to doctor, said Lu Xin-ning(呂歆寧), a Registered Nurse(護理師)of Department of Surgery(整型外科) of Taichung Veterans General Hospital(台中榮民總醫院).From Lu’s point of view, she agrees with the cosmetic surgery(美容整型), but the most important thing is that people should keep the healthy mind.

In Taipei station there are a lot of cosmetic surgery clinics, claiming to provide breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery.Photo/Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

Chiu Wen-kuan(邱文寬)a surgeon of Wangfang Hospital(萬芳醫院)said that patient who is operated under general anesthesia may exposure to high risk. It’s a good phenomenon that many people start to care about their appearance, even more and more young people consider to do the plastic operation. It could not only build one’s confidence but also enhance the interpersonal relationships between opposite sex, said Chiu.

Cosmetic industry is mainly based on female.Photo/Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

“Even a lipid surgery(抽脂手術)could be fatal if the wound weren’t treated properly,” said Chiu. No matter what kinds of surgery you take, a successful operation requires the complete discussion between doctor and patient. Chiu also points out the Taiwanese patients’ top three ranking of plastic surgery, lipid surgery, breast augmentation(隆乳)and double eyelids(雙眼皮). Above all the surgery, taking good care of the wound is the most crucial things to do after the operation, he emphasized.

As the saying goes, “every natural action is graceful.” People could build the confidence in variety of ways. Before taking plastic surgery, you should know that, the real beauty lies in one’s pure heart.

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