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By Hu, Fan (胡凡)

In recent years, camping is getting more and more popular. Many people want to enjoy camping. If you want to go camping, what should you do? Maybe you will search on the Internet to find strategies written by experienced campers. But these might be statements of a school. Below is our talk with Xiao-tie(小鐵), who operates a campsite for 10 years. He may tell us something new.

Xiao-tie(小鐵) being interviewed. Photo/Hu, Fan(胡凡)

First of all, you must contact the campsite staff before you go to the campsite. Xiao-tie said, many customers come to the campsite without booking ahead and it may cause many problems. Different campsites have different rules. For example, his campsite doesn’t sell or rent tents. Coming to Xiao-tie’s campsite based on their previous experience, then they have to go back home. This is not only a waste of time but also undermines the good mood. Besides, different campsites have their features; operators can give you more suggestions than you can find in blogs.

Tents on the hillside. Photo/ Hu, Fan(胡凡)

Secondly, you must take everything, which might be useful. The campsite has complete facilities, like water supply and bathroom. Some even have Wi-Fi. Generally, you just need to prepare basic camp equipment. But many people still ignore some important things. Xiao-tie said, many customers come to their campsite with a car full of equipment. However, they always forget something small but important like rain boots. Moat campsites are located in the mountains. The special terrain is good for all weather conditions. Maybe at the time of departure from home the weather is still sunny, but when you reach the destination you found it was raining. So a pair of rain boots is necessary for you. He also mentioned that we should change our equipment in different seasons. In summer, you can bring a fan if you feel hot. In winter, thickened sleeping bags will keep you warm so you can sleep well.

Playing games and reading at the campsite. Photo/ Hu, Fan(胡凡)
A shower in the campsite. Photo/ Hu, Fan(胡凡)

Last but not least, Xiao-tie thinks the most important thing that we should remember is to protect the environment. In order to avoid contamination, he chooses to set up mosquito liquid station rather than use chemical insecticides. But he often saw many customers move things when the car still running. Then the grass under the car is damaged because of the heat from the engine. And some kids cut the tree with a knife just for fun. Even though there are just a few of such cases, Xiao-tie still wants to call on people to protect the environment. So he opens up an ecological zone to protect the animals in his campsite. And every customer can join the ecological navigation to learn how to protect them.

Kids are playing games and enjoying themselves. Photo/ Hu, Fan(胡凡)

Theses are three most important suggestions from Xiao-tie. He also advised us to join a Facebook group, which is about camping. So we can DIY our own camping tour.

After reading this article, do you want to go camping now? Let’s go camping!

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