Keep the original flavor of coffee and architecture

 By Lan Ting (藍婷)

Triangle Garden Cafe(角公園)is a hospitable coffee shop. There are few seats and no restriction on the  guest’s meal time. Its purpose is to let customers get away from  their daily routine. Jhou, Shou-cang(周守倉), the owner of Triangle Garden Cafe, used to be a psychological counselor. He likes to chat with people, “I hope that I can, through the cafe, bring people  closer. I am not only the boss, but also a friend of my guests,” Jhou said.

Jhou and his wife, Lai, Jing-yi(賴靜怡)both love coffee so much that they dreamed of  having their own coffee shop and finally they made it come true. Triangle Garden Cafe is located in an old building. They attach importance to local culture and old buildings, and they studied this area before opening the cafe. The reason why this couple named their shop“Triangle Garden Cafe”  was because parks are where we go  to relax ourselves.  They wanted to make customers feel relaxed as they are in a park, a comfortable and familiar  place.

Triangle Garden Cafe retains the old beams/ Lan Ting
Triangle Garden Cafe retains the old beams. Photo / Lan Ting (藍婷)

Many guests feel the environment of the cafe  was similar to their hometown, where they would recall their childhood. In fact, there have been some warm stories. For example, one of the customers lived in this building about 50 years ago. He told the owner about his childhood in the house and pleaded the owner to let him take a look at the attic which is not open to customers.  there are so many memories between him and his father.

Fate created a lot of things in the cafe. Jhou and Lai keep the original, kind spirit to treat  their consumers. They   make Triangle Garden Cafe a place full of warmth and charm.