Wash the Clothes and Freshen Up Your Mind

By Chuang, Yu-ting(莊喻婷)

Have you ever felt that it is really boring and time-wasting while waiting for your clothes to get cleaned at a self-service laundry? “Wash Coffee” may subvert your thought! The coffee shop “Cross-9000-Kilometers-to-Hand-It-to-You”(穿越九千公里交給你)combines a laundromat with a café which enables  their customers to  kill time when doing self-service laundry. The name of the coffee shop has a special meaning: the owner learned how to make desserts in Paris which is about 9800 kilometers away from Taiwan, and he crossed the distance to bring his baking skills back to Taiwan to share delicious desserts with his customers.

A customer is doing the laundry at the coffee shop.(Photo/Chuang Yu Ting)
A customer is doing the laundry at the coffee shop. Photo/Chuang, Yu-ting(莊喻婷)

In a hustle and bustle city like Taipei, people are busy living their lives even when they get off work. Doing housework may seem to be annoying, but now there is a new way to do it. “I came up with the idea to combine a laundromat with a café while I was doing the laundry at a self-service laundry and felt so bored and hungry then,” said Tang,Yue-ruei(湯岳叡), the owner of Cross-9000-Kilometers-to-Hand-It-to-You. The coffee shop not only provides customers a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and some desserts but also makes them feel not bored anymore when doing the laundry. The most important thing is that the owner wants to create a place for his  customers to sneak out of the busy life for a while.

The name of the coffee shop “Cross-9000-Kilometers-to-Hand-It-to-You” was painted on the wall. (Photo/Hsieh Pei Yu)
The name of the coffee shop “Cross-9000-Kilometers-to-Hand-It-to-You” Is painted on the wall. Photo/Hsieh, Pei-yu(謝珮瑜)

Next time, when you are tired of doing the laundry at an uninteresting laundromat, bring your dirty clothes to Cross-9000-Kilometers-to-Hand-It-to-You to get them cleaned and freshen up your mind!