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     Nowadays, makeup becomes one of the most important parts in college students' daily routine. There are many makeup tips and easy to get, including from beauty magazines, bloggers, youtubers and more. There are different types of makeup, such as Korean makeup, Japanese makeup and Western makeup, which is the most popular style recently. Furthermore, choosing the best makeup for yourself is also very important.


     “I bought my first masks from Japan while I was in junior high school, because they guaranteed no preservatives.” said Yun-chin Deng(鄧韻琴), who studies at Shin Hsin University(世新大學). “The quality of makeup made in Japan are trustworthy, and Japanese create their makeup products with ingredients for Asian skin.” Deng said. A lot of Taiwanese think the products from Japan are usually high-quality, so when it comes to cosmetics and makeup, they prefer buying those made in Japan.

     Teenagers usually use makeup products after graduating from high school, since they have more chances to get used to wearing makeup. “I have been wearing makeup from Japan since college, and I believe those are safer and more meticulous.” said Shih-ya Dai(戴詩雅), who studies at Chang Jung Christian University(長榮大學). It seems like most people truly have confidence on makeup made in Japan. “I really love Japan, and I feel safe about using their stuff, maybe from now on, I won't use the makeup made in Taiwan, I prefer those from Japan instead.” Dai said. Makeup made in Japan will always be popular in Taiwan, because people really enjoy them and buy them regularly. People like using cosmetics from Japan because of their good image, and the fact is, people in Taiwan really love Japanese products.


     From a variety of BB creams to the latest popular powder foundations, Korean beauty styles already blend into our daily life, especially those introduced in Taiwan by Korean celebrities. Korean beauty trend has made girls crazy.

     Student of Shih Hsin University(世新大學) Ciao-ru Chen(陳巧儒) shared that she usually reads fashion magazines to learn Korean makeup trend. Because Korean style makeup pays more attention on the natural look, it is very suitable for college students. She also told us that there is a style called “puppy eyes”, which will make you look cuter and lovely. Draw the eyeliner down from the top lid and over the bottom, creating a little triangle at the outside corner of your eyes. Another point is dried rose lipstick, which is a new style that is different from the previous glossy lipstick. Moreover, a liquid foundation is contained in a sponge and encased in a compact, but cushion powder foundation is easier to use. Most importantly, it boasts multiple skin benefits including protection from sun damage, wrinkle prevention, and more. She also shared with us that the key to a perfect flawless makeup is to use little foundation at a time. Dip a small amount of foundation and slowly cover up, this can not only make makeup more obedient, but also not too heavy. Ciao-ru also reminds us that summer is approaching so you have to focus on the stability of your foundation and bring a tissue with you when your face gets oily.

     Korean beauty tend continues to evolve and innovate, and it does at a faster rate than any other category. Remember to keep yourself updated on the latest and greatest information, and enjoy the flawless Korean makeup.

     Comparing to Japanese makeup style and Korean makeup style, the Western makeup style is relatively unpopular in Taiwan, and there are a few points to explain it, such as the Western makeup style is designed for people who have sharper face figures and bone structurse, the techniques of applying makeups results in a more mature and sexier look as opposed to the cuter styles in Asian beauty.

     Joanna Yang (楊予馨)is a 21-year-old sophomore in Fu Jen Catholic University(輔仁大學), who started to gain her interests in makeup field when she was 11. Although she had tried Korean makeup style before, she continued to stick with her original makeup routine of Western makeup style. “I think it was too cute for me.” She said. When talking about traits of Western makeup style, Joanna said “Compared to Asian beauty looks such as Japanese and Korean makeup styles, Western makeup style is more natural. For example, due to the naturally long and curly lashes Caucasians have, the Western makeup style doesn't necessarily require false lashes to achieve the look.” To be more specific, Joanna pointed out that winged eyeliners are one of the most iconic looks of the Western makeup style, with contoured cheekbones, highlighted T zone and arched brows, are keys to achieving a basic look of Western beauty.

     To keep up with Western beauty trends, Joanna has been following fashion magazines and beauty bloggers on social media, so that she would get to know first when a new makeup is launched. When it comes to choosing the right makeup products, Joanna indicated “Make Up Forever's HD foundation(HD無暇粉底液) is my favorite, because it gives you a sheer glow and it covers the flaws perfectly; and I recommend Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner(芭比波朗眼線膠), it’s black and smudge proof.” In the end of the interview, Joanna said she thinks everyone should get out of their comfort zone and play with shades and techniques to explore their inner alter ego, and be confident with our true self.

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