Tracing Back to the Old Memories of Xin Fu Market – 2142期

BY 沈容安(Bernice Shen)

Xin Fu market(新富市場), the historic site of Taipei city, is moving on to a new life. Before its reopening, the construction company held an exhibition here to tell people the old story of this market. In addition, this year is also the 80th anniversary of establishment of Xin Fu market, so the organizer hopes people can join this event to celebrate its 80th birthday together.

Xin Fu market was founded in 1935. It was the first public market which complied with the new health policy and built as a modern architecture in the Japanese colonial period. For people who lived in Wan Hua area(萬華區), Xin Fu market was the center of their life in 50’s. But after the 60’s, it started losing customers because of the impact brought by some other strong competitors, such as the Huan Nan market(環南市場)and the other markets in the peripheral shopping areas. As a traditional market, it eventually declined.

However, in 2006, Xin Fu market was officially announced as the city’s historic site and the repair work was finished in 2013. This turning point certainly gave the dying monument a new life. “I didn’t live here before, but I can feel the spirit through this exhibition,” said Esther Lin(林曄妘), one of the visitors.

The exhibition includes video installations, seminars, interactive media and workshops. “Xin Fu market has many common memories of residents here. I think it’s irreplaceable. It’s very important to preserve this market and let people know the traces of this city.” said Wei Huang(黃瑋儒), the coordinator of Jut foundation for arts & architecture(忠泰建築文化藝術基金會).They hoped to bring the diversity and vitality of this city back to people and conserve not only the contracture but also the beautiful memories in residents’ hearts.