The Memories of Taipei Old Railways – 2142期

To celebrate the 128th anniversary of Taipei railways, Discovery Center of Taipei(台北探索館) is holding an free-entry exhibition for all visitors from May to August. For those who are interested in the history of Taipei railways now can get the chance to see these old railways of Taipei.

The railway transport was one of the main transportation in Taipei city in the past. With the change of times, the railroads were rebuilt in the underground and replaced by metro Taipei. However, the past of Taipei railways are still important for all the Taipei city residents.

Ming-de Zhang(張明德), the member of TRA Cultural Volunteer(台鐵文化志工隊)said that the organizer was forced to choose one of Taipei railways to display due to the limited space of the exhibition hall. Tamsui line(淡水支線)is chosen as the theme for the exhibition because it was the railroad which had already disappeared from the Taipei city.

The exhibition displayed the model of trains and railroads, the simulation of train cars, collections of old things in railway stations and more. The visitors would have the chance see these Taipei old railways through the display. In addition, the organizer also gave the special old train tickets which were out of print to all the visitors.

Chia-yi Chen(陳家漪), the person who is in charge for the exhibition mentioned that the most difficult part during the preparation was to gather all the collections from different railroad collectors. However, it is quite pity that some of collections have been lost and can only be displayed through the image and video now.