Realizing the Dream of Wearing Kimono – 2138期

The kimono is a kind of traditional Japanese costume, andwearing it will be a dream for lots of girls. Kyoto Kimono Museum(京都和服館), located on the Zhongshan North Road(中山北路), provides a chance for many people to realize the dream of wearing kimono.

“Comparing to other shops which sell kimonos, we, as a personal tailor, offer the  customized service for our clients,” said the manager Hsiao-lin Yen(顏小霖). She shows that personal tailor makes the clients feel welcomed and respected. Each set of exquisite kimono has been made carefully in order to truly convey the most authentic Japanese culture. Having a close look at the kimonos, most patterns are mainly the nature scenes. It’s due to that Japanese appreciate the magnificent landscapes and the humanistic spirit.

Besides this customrized service, Kyoto Kimono Museum also offer some courses to teach people how to wear kimonos properly. People should also know the etiquettes such as how to sit and walk properly. It’s important for Japanese to be well-rounded. Doris Yang(楊采欣), the student said that she loves Japanese culture, because they have a sober and creative spirit which can push her move on, and the Kyoto Kimono Museum gives her the chance to know more about it.

“Last year, regular clients got married one after another. Besides white wedding dress, kimono is also a good choice for them to wear on a big day,” said Yen. Moreover, she thought it’s really fortunate to share the happiness with the clients through the kimono, the spirit and blessing of Japan.


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