How to Be a Beauty Man – 2135期

Doing facial make-up is not only for women but also for men. More and more men want to look great because they fantasize those Korean TV actors as the role models in recent years. The cosmetics which men use are different from women’s. For example, they use BB cream more commonly rather than CC cream. With the time passing by and the evolution of cosmetics, makeup is not unique to women anymore.

Yung-ching Chen(陳泳靜), a student of the Department of Radio, Television and Film and the make-up artist of 21st Graduate Exhibition(滿地開花二十一畢製) in Shih Hsin University, said, “ Putting make-up on male face should become  ‘natural’. It had better look like no make-up on his face .” Taking care of skin for men is more important than putting on make-up, because both  boys and girls should all moisturize their skin. “It is easier to put on make-up if he or she moisturizes his or her face well,” Chen said. The steps of doing facial make-up for both  men and women are the same. Putting on makeup base as the first step can protect facial skin from cosmetics directly. The second step is to put on the foundation, but BB cream is a better choice for men because it is not heavy and  can make their face color closer to natural skin. Chen suggested, “When BB cream is mixed  in 1:1 ratio with the hand warm, it  will  be the similar color of face.” The third step is to put concealer on pockmarks and acnes. The forth step is to use a small amount of loose powder to beautify the face. Finally, for men, deepening the shadows of  both sides of the nose is a right method to make an aquiline nose.

The student of Ling Tung University, Xin-Zuo Chou, who is responsible for the affairs of Graduate Institute and the Department of Fashion Design, concerns with the skincare meticulously. He puts emphasis on the use of toning lotion at people’s cheeks and noses, which are oily most of the time. “Besides the skin aegis, I’m employing the Blemish Balm to cover my freckles on a regular basis. Since I’d worn my hair in a bob, I’m used to make up my eyebrow by eyebrow pencil in order to look energetic more,” said Chou. Just as what the women would do, man also care about skin protection as well nowadays. When it comes to the flesh maintenances in seasons changing, Chou recommends people for “Aloe Vera Gel” that is effective to moisturize in winter. “Though there are various kinds of cosmetic commodities nowadays, some assign to men only. However, I don’t think they can all be applied perfectly to men’s skins.  A cleansing lotion specifically made for male that I used before was a sample. It made my skin drier. Therefore, different make ups suit different skin types.” he said. Finally, he made an additional remark that men  only need to make them look tidy and neat when they are on the stage. 

Men nowadays also make up to conceal their defect on the face and want their skin look greater. In order to participate certain important occasions, people often erase the imperfection what they have on the skin.