Diving with SpongeBob in Bikini Bottom – 2134期

For all the fans and lovers of SpongeBob now can actually experience the life in underwater world of Bikini Bottom(比奇堡).The exhibition of  American popular animation “SpongeBob SquarePants”is now presented in Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall ZhongZheng Art Gallery(中正紀念堂中正藝廊) in Taipei.

The exhibition substantialized eight classic scenes in the animation such as the bus in Bikini Bottom(比奇堡巴士), KrustyKrab(蟹堡王餐廳), Sponge Bob’s pineapple house(海綿寶寶鳳梨屋)and more.  Road Chen(陳盈如), the specialist of International Performance Department said , “The visitors are familiar with the characters in the animation so they are excited to have the chance to experience the scenes in the animation  through the showpieces.”

Moreover, Road Chen said that Sponge Bob gets a huge popularity in Taiwan a while back. She also mentioned that the positive characteristics of Sponge Bob are one of the reasons why they chose it as the theme of the exhibition.

Yuki Chou, one of the visitors, also expressed the joy after the exhibition. She felt satisfied with the exhibition and got a realistic experience from the scene showpieces.

Road Chen pointed out that the Parent-child type exhibitions in Taiwan have increased nowadays. Most of people will choose to spend their weekends visiting this kind of exhibition. Therefore, the organizer will consider holding more exhibitions with similar themes in the future.