Be Hungry to Learn More Than Your Limitations – 2133期

With the increasingly fierce competition in the job market, university students no longer study only their chose major in their own departments, but study the other courses as the   minor, double majors.  So the interdisciplinary programs and student clubs are popular now. The concept of multi-domain learning has been accepted and adopted by students now, and they do not just want to study for the sake of passing the final exams. They are hungry to learn. They also don’t hesitate to dedicate themselves to anything they like to do. Here are some cases to show how multi-domain learning influences their university lives, and even their future careers.

Yueh-hsing Weng(翁悅心)is a third-year student with double majors in Journalism and English in Shih Hsin University. She is the vice president of Shih Hsin University Model United Nations(世新模擬聯合國會議社), and the member of Department of Academics Editorial Division of High School Model United Nations(台灣大學高中模擬聯合國文件部). She wants to challenge herself in every field she is interested in while she is young. Weng said, “I don’t want to give up my passion and neglect who I truly am just for a piece of paper. I want to stick to my goal and never lead an empty life.” She accumulates “experiences” and adds her value through each effort she made and each lesson she learned. She felt that Taiwan’s educational system, mainly influenced by Chinese imperialism, had never truly stimulated her desire to learn, so she took an exchange program to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls when she was a second-year student. She has been trying very hard to pursue her dream.

Pei-shan Chen (陳佩姍), a student of Department of Philosophy in Tunghai University, works as a part-time assistant in the department office. She feels that students should decide carefully on what they really want to major rather than wasting four years studying carelessly for a diploma. Although she originally studied in the Department of Spanish in Wenzao Ursline Language University, Chen determined to transfer to the Department of Applied Chinese Language in National Taichung University of Science and Technology. But she found that language was just a tool and couldn’t quench her thirst for knowledge and wisdom, so she finally made up her mind transferring to the Department of Philosophy in Tunghai University. With this experience, she said,   “I made many good friends with different thoughts creativity. I can learn a lot from them. Each time when I transferred, It's new challenge that I should try to adapt and integrate to the environment. ”Mentioning part-time assistant in the department office, Chen thought through this work she could know what the administrative management is about and learn some of the commonly used office software, thereby increasing her competitiveness if she enters the workplace in the future. What’s more, she has cultivated a habit of writing poetry, and even won the Xiao Yihong literature scholarship.