Let spring travel full of fragrant of flowers – 2132期

Most people associate the tea garden with Maokong,Mucha(貓空,木柵).However, there are also some other free-to-visit beautiful  gardens of flowers in the area of Mucha and you can mark them  as a fresh choice for spring travel.Ding-ding Zhang(張丁頂), the person in charge of a tea garden, said that after retiring as tea planter, he decided to buy a land and started the plantation of flowers. Now, the land has developed as “Mucha Flowers Farm.”(杏花林休閒農場)

From the end of January to March, the cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms(杏花), pummelo flowers(柚子花)and many other more will continue blooming. The beautiful flowers are flamboyant in the farm and will meet the arrival of spring  that the tourist will hardly take the eyes off the pretty scene. Ding-ding Zhang said that the beginning of February is the most suitable time to enjoy the flowers. Besides, the farm also sells clipped apricot blossoms which can be used as floral decoration. Besides the flowers attractions, the farm is also famous for its handmade grass cake(草仔粿)with different flavors. The ingredients used to make the cake are also planted by Zhang.

Although Zhang is in a high age,he still manages the farm by himself. When you walk into the farm, you will see he  is busy with taking care of his plants. Zhang said, “Whether this farm will make profits or not, I just hopes that it can provide a safe and comfortable flowers attraction for people and that is why I let the tourists visit the farm for free.”