Face Threading: The Art of Beauty – 2131期

“Face threading”(挽面)is a traditional beauty skill which started flourishing in the early time. But with the change of the times, more high-tech and convenient beauty technology appears in succession. In this case, face threading has become the sunset industry. Besides facing new technology’s challenge, the problem of inheritance also appears at the same time.

“They didn’t have cosmetics before and  just had to depend on face threading. I also use it, the skin is better after face threading.”Fu-ziWuHong(吳洪富仔),a face threading master said. With nearly six decades of face threading experience,She said she watched grandma doing the face threading for others when she was a child. Driven by curiosity, she decided to learn this skill from grandma. Even facing on new technology’s competition, she still insists on using the traditional method to do the face threading for customers.

Wu Hong insists on using the selected talcum powder(滑石粉)when doing face threading. After doing it, she uses fresh aloe which  can nourish and shrink pores. She said, although lots of people learn the new way of face threading, she thought the new one is not as good as the traditional one.

WuHong’s granddaughter Yung-wei Hu(胡詠薇), a college student said, her grandma has performed the face threading for her when she was a child. She tried to learn this traditional beauty skill but gave it up finally due to the difficulty of the nature of this art. As time goes by, WuHong stopped the face threading career because of the health problem. Once she had tried to teach her daughter and granddaughter, but they had no interest in this traditional beauty skill, so no one will continue running this business after her retirement. When  looking at the tools kept from the past, she feels pity that the face threading skill has to stop in her generation.

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