Before Studying Abroad

By Tsou, Fang-ting(鄒芳婷)、Hu, Fan(胡凡)


Studying abroad can be a tough decision and preparing is a complex process. Knowing the qualifications set by the  selection committee of a school, and digging deeper into the programs and environment a school can offer are all part of the work students need to do. Fortunately, there are agencies available to help you make decisions and give you some suggestions on applying.

Photo/by Hu Fan(胡凡) The brochures about studying abroad.
The brochures about studying abroad. Photo/by Hu Fan(胡凡)

As a junior, Chen Chun-jen (陳俊任), who majors in psychology at National Taiwan University, is preparing to study abroad step by step. Studying abroad may increase your independence because of your leaving comfort zone.  More career and development opportunities are another  reason that Chen decides to study abroad. He said,  “Details of preparation might vary. My first step is to take a TOEFL and GRE  and, after that, I plan to get to know more specifics about the institutes which I am interested in.”

Photo/ Tsou, Fang-ting Chen, Chun-jen (陳俊任) is talking about his plan.
Chen, Chun-jen (陳俊任) is talking about his plan. Photo/ Tsou, Fang-ting (鄒芳婷)

Some people like Chen prefer to apply for a school by themselves. But  others prefer to get help from the agency. From the selection of schools to arranging dormitory, agencies  can do almost everything for you. So, lacking experience and time won’t be a problem; consulting an agency will be a good choice.

People are consulting.
People are consulting. Photo/ Tsou, Fang-ting (鄒芳婷)

Lin Ching-yi (林靜漪), the manager of the OH!Study Education center, said:”People who want to study abroad should prepare one or two years in advance.” The preparation include improving GPA  and English proficiency. If your English grade can’t meet the requirement set by the school, preparatory courses still can help. Preparatory courses include not only English learning but also  part of the professional courses.  Such courses differ from school to school. Some courses have credits and some do not. Make sure to understand ) these rules before you select schools.

Photo/by Hu Fan(胡凡) People are consulting.
People are consulting. Photo/by Hu Fan(胡凡)

All in all, preparation in advance is crucial.  It is important to make a well- thought-of plan before studying aboard.

Photo/ Tsou, Fang-ting People are consulting.
People are consulting. Photo/ Tsou, Fang-ting (鄒芳婷)