The Inner Beauty of Iron Pots and Tea Ceremony – 2138期

Japanese tea ceremony was originated in China and developed as Japan’s special tea culture. The tea culture was influenced by the Buddhism and the monks used it to help them concentrate at the beginning of daily practice. Nowadays, there are some people who start to learn about the Japanese tea ceremony and even take it as a hobby. The cast iron pot is an important instrument in the Japanese tea ceremony. The different materials of the cast iron pots will make the tea taste differently.

Ray Chuang(莊智舜), the collector of cast iron pots, said that he found a way to make himself feel peaceful and relaxed after learning the Japanese tea ceremony.  Chuang was attracted by the spirit of the culture because it is totally different from the busy life nowadays. Chuang has begun to collect the cast iron pots six years ago. Many cast iron pots have been kept well since the past century and the value still increases with  time. That is why some people collect it as an antique.