Bodybuilding makes a man – 2135期

Andrew Lin(林威岑), the coach of fitness center, indicates that he started working out in high school in order to keep a good body shape.“Workout focuses on being healthy and strong. However, bodybuilding is more advanced. It emphasizes muscle definition and striation.”  Lin said. The intensive training on one’s back and legs is an important part of the training. 

As a bodybuilder, how to adjust training, diet and sleep is important. First of all, men need heavy weight and enough sets(組數)to stimulate his muscles. Then, they need to have a good diet to supplement energy, both proteins and calories can help muscle growth. As for sleep, it’s better to sleep at least six hours.

“From my observation, I think workout becomes a trend for the men in Taiwan, as workout is the foundation of all sports. It could be anticipated that bodybuilding will be more progressive in the future.”

“Deeply impressed by the chiseled physique of the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger(阿諾史瓦辛格), I want to be as strong as him.” Po-han Lee(李柏翰), a student who does bodybuilding exercise six times a week, said with  an unwavering  resolution.

Lee thinks bodybuilding cannot only make him healthy, but also keep his body in a good shape. He started to do  bodybuilding  with his friends since high school. After that, he is strongly interested in it and even wants to earn a prize in the College Bodybuilding contest(大專盃健美). He also considered that bodybuilding is tougher than merely working out in the gym.“Before the contest, I have to eat rice with boiled chicken breast and maintain enough sleep every day. The most significant difference is that bodybuilding is a painful exercise.”Lee mentioned.

The reason why he wants to do bodybuilding is to build muscles and let his body become more attractive. Nowadays, not only women have the rights to make their body appealing, but also men can do so. “I will take advantage of what I have done in the training and hope to find an appropriate job in the future” Lee added.