Pursuing a better career: Multidisciplinary Learning – 2133期

Many college students may wonder about their future and keep thinking about the same question customarily just like this, “What should I do in the university before going to work in the future? ”Nowadays, multidisciplinary learning(跨領域學習) seems one of the good ways to solve this problem.

“We strongly encourage and recommend students to participate in different fields of learning in college since it’s a great way to cultivate one’s skills and competitiveness. Although Taiwan’s college education system mainly sort freshmen into different departments once they’ve entered the colleges, and most of these students do not realize whether they “truly” know what their department is teaching.” said Wang Shu Yun, the Director of Career Development Division in Shih-Hsin University.

Director Wang mentioned that it is really a great chance during college to chase their dreams before they start to work, because they not only can enjoy the abundant life in college but also can experience the sense of “failure” they may encounter and learn from the mistakes they make during this period of life. “When you look back on your life, you will find that college is really not short of setbacks or failures of any kind. For instance, you may choose subjects you don’t actually like to study, but it may turn out that you can know more about yourself. You may also know what you really want to do in the future.”

Director Wang also stated, there are reallylots of great opportunities in the campus. Although partnership of school clubs in college may seem crucial to individuals, some of the most important things in college is to learn how to cooperate with others, maintain ones language skills and deal with frustration.After all,the definition of multidisciplinary learning to a person might be different to another, but it is still a great way to know yourself in the pursuit of a better future career.