Master Your Major, be Good at Your Minor – 2133期

Yvette-Huang(黃裕惠), the director of the Department of English in Shih Hsin University, gives some advices to their students. Students in our Department are required to master the five skills in English, the listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills. Huang thinks that major is a base, minor is just like where the heart leads to. Building the foundation in the first two years of university is more important than learning the other subjects. But learning other subject of studies may be a good way to find partners of similar interests and these friends may become your most valuable assets when you enter into the workplace.

The real Multidisciplinary learning(跨領域學習)is very important. You should open up your mind and learn any subject you like in a way to enrich your college life but also to help you stimulate your creative thinking.

“Another point that does matter is that students are tired of studying. As a teacher of administration, I am afraid of students’ self-abandonment.” Huang added. “You see 5000 roses, they are 5000 roses individually, not one kind of rose.” She strongly suggests students don’t be stapled with some labels by their parents or teachers.

The key to success is based on students’ own intrinsic motivation instead of any outside incentives. Recently, Ministry of Education wants to revise the policies concerning the credit proportion between major and minor. Since all departments have their complete curriculum, reducing the credits of required courses would cause some problems or even destroy its network.

“Students should be good in their basic ability which the department asks for, then apply what they know when they study other subjects in the other departments.” Po-Kai Huang(黃柏凱)stated, the chairman of the Department of Finance in Shih Hsin University.

Huang also suggests that students should take some license tests in order to add their own capital when they enter in the competitive job market in the future. Nowadays,some students don’t understand how tough to find a good job in the society, but some realize what they want in the future. Those who know what they want to do are more self-motivated and study any subject with strong interest. It all depends on the students’ own choices and thoughts. For example, if students from the Finance Department can learn some useful skills in Journalism or Information Management. “Master what you major in, being good at what you minor in.” Huang added.


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