Today’s Fashion is Tomorrow’s Tradition:Folk Art Preservation – 2131期

The“Folk Art preservation and education plan” from NCTA has already saved 116 pieces of cultural property and created a digitized collection. Since 2009, the NCTA has provided an opportunity every year to gather students from different art fields and hold a joint performance for their honors project on the NCTA traditional stages. It has not only given the young talented artists a chance to show how best they could do, but also made traditional folk arts been inherited as an adequate primer for the future remarks of the next generation.

However, traditional arts pass from generation to generation. They have been the fashions of the present in the past, also the wisdom of our ancestors’ lives, and have even been the most important national cultural and artistic assets. NCTA keeps working hard on conserving the traditional arts and cultures facing extinction; they also acknowledge the situation has set them as one of the leaders to endeavor for the future of the Taiwan’s traditional arts, and they will collaborate with the Ministry of Culture to maintain and recover the arts in need, for a brighter future.

The chief director of Operations and Promotion Division at the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCTA)(國立傳統藝術中心), Hsiao-fen Liu(劉筱芬), said “Today’s fashion is tomorrow’s tradition.” As technology improves every day, some Taiwanese traditional arts are sifted out of society nowadays because they cannot get into the contemporary era and make a big conflict with the present.

Not only did director Hsiao stress that maintaining and integrating the digital art resources of the traditional arts, but also asserted the importance of not being a “brain drain” in the area of traditional arts. Moreover, she says the nourishment of training and holding auditions for the talented artists is essential in the field of traditional arts in order to preserve these valuable resources.

Being at the cusp of the silver jubilee, meticulously and comprehensively prepared by the NCTA, the nourishment of human-resource management and selecting talent in the future is also on the check list of the phenomenal and distinguished new landmark in Yi-lan.

With the diverse cultural background and thriving traditional arts in Taiwan, as well as the contemporary cultural policies of localization, globalization and cloud storage, the National Center of Traditional Arts aims to protect and promote traditional arts.

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