Wan-Ru Yu a DPP legislator spoke at Social Enterprise Finance Forum.Provided by Yu.

” I Always Try to Surpass Myself.” The Exciting Adventures of Wan-Ru Yu

Wan-Lu Yu, now 37, is a legislator for the Democratic Progressive Party. She also is the cofounder of the first fair trade company—OKOGREEN— in Taiwan in 2007. “I had used to stand in the opposite side of the mainstream to help the disadvantaged when I was just a young girl,” said Yu.

The science and nature course at Kang Chiao international School. Provided by Yen-Li Ho.

All Eyes and Ears on Your Grade

Most parents in Taiwan still hold the opinion that extraordinary academic performance is the necessary building block for a bright and successful future career. As a result, such parents not only are resistant to change in teaching style but are confused about why some teachers intend to practice the so-called “flipped classroom.”

The diet education shall be started from childhood. Photo/Wan-Ling Tsai

Don’t Just Blame the Little Fatty

Genetic makeup, formed in the stage of embryo and breastfeeding, is another factor for the growing problem in obesity. And obese mothers normally rear like offspring in part because they serve as a bad role model for their kids. As a result childhood obesity is due in part to bad parenting.

Yang Jin-long, president of the Central Bank, said that the exchange rate of New Taiwan dollar is stable, so we will not follow the U.S. step.Photo by UDN.

No Need to Panic about U.S. Rates Rise

Stakeholders are urged to stay optimistic but cautious as various actions can be taken to avert potential harms from the recent rise of the U. S. interest rates. While businesses can manipulate financial tools to safeguard their profits, individuals can resort to more diverse currencies trading to lessen their losses from fluctuations in exchange rates.