A Chat with Live Streamer

By Lam, Tsz-ching(林梓晴), Chuang, Li-cheng(莊立誠)

ChenHao (stage name宸浩) spends almost 2-3 hours live broadcasting on the internet every night. When the name of a new member of audience appears on his monitor, he expresses appreciation through his mic to get the attention of his audience.

ChenHao(stage name宸浩),  loves to share some stories with followers in mainland China and Taiwan.Photo/ Provided by ChenHao


ChenHao, a live streamer in Taiwan, loves to share some topics and have online chatting on his channel. As he has been invited to TV show in mainland China, his channel is followed by the audience in both Taiwan and mainland China. At the same time, he has signed contracts with the management company. Based on the popularity data on the internet, he is followed by nearly 80,000 fans.

ChenHao has been invited to the TV variety show ZongYiDaReMens(綜藝大熱門)Photo/ Provided by ChenHao

Langlive app (浪直播) is his main streaming platform. ChenHao says that girls from the age of 14 to 22 are his target audience. He got unforgettable experience on his channel. “At the mainland streaming platform, I would like to sing the songs that the audience required. When the streaming contract was coming to an end, there are many followers who keep expressing their sadness over the upcoming loss of my streaming, sharing the story while they were watching the channel, and even sending the online points to me.” ChenHao remembered that he had cried all through the night while live streaming because it was a touching moment of his streaming career. He thought everyone was busy with their own lives.


ChenHao gets lots of presents from his followers.Photo/Provided by ChenHao

When it comes to the difference of live streaming between Taiwan and mainland China, ChenHao says that Taiwanese followers are interested in the entertainment and the content of his speech, but the mainlanders pay more attention to the appearance or special ability of the streamer. Even live streaming the process of sleeping gets followed on mainland streaming platform.


Streamer keeps chatting with followers and playing video games while live-streaming. Photo/Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

On the streaming contract, ChenHao was required to stream at least 15 days a month, 1 hour a day. If the time of live-streaming was more than the contract, that would count as his bonus income. In Taiwan, streaming management companies will limit the broadcast content. They watched the performance of the channel to decide whether they deduct the wages or call off the streaming contract.


Shiryouko Studio (詩涼子街頭實況)is one of the famous outdoor live-streaming studio in Taipei. Photo/Lam Tsz-ching(林梓晴)

ChenHao believes that the market of live-streaming has been saturated. Live-streaming has to be done with other different features. Otherwise it would be substituted.