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Resurrection of Handmade Blue Dyeing in Sanxia

As COVID-19 pandemic rages all over the world, many international fashion weeks have announced to either postpone or cancel their events. However, Taiwan’s Taipei Fashion Week AW21 ended successfully with the theme of “sustainable fashion” in March, 2021. Among the fashionable brands, Taichung’s Hakka brand with “blue dyeing” (藍染) as its design style was introduced for the first time to promote the beauty of blue dyeing to the public. However, when it comes to blue dyeing ,Sanxia’s (三峽)blue dyeing is peerless. In fact, Sanxia, a district in New Taipei City, is the birthplace of “blue dyeing” in Taiwan. In order to pass on this traditional technique, a group of Sanxia residents have dedicated their efforts to revitalize the heritage of blue dyeing culture.