contaminated food

In lawsuits of food safety, all of victims are consumers, and they are just like a heap of loose sand. Photo/Hsiao Chih-lin(蕭芷琳)

Food Scandals of Taiwan

Over the past few years, Taiwan has been rocked by as many as 160 food safety issues, beginning with foods tainted with plasticizer (塑化劑) and leanness-enhancing agent (瘦肉精) , followed by tainted oil (黑心油) and most recently toxic eggs(毒雞蛋) .
After the tainted oil issue, some people not only noticed the food security problem but also were aware of food additives, but most of the people still have not paid much attention to food safety in spite of the news storm.


Can We Protect Our Own Health ?

Tsai administration is planning to import food and produce from the five counties near Fukushima. In order to settle the dispute over importing contaminated food from Japan, the government has held a series of public hearing around the country in the past few weeks. However, there are still a lot of questions and doubts among the public.