Wining gold medal isn’t equal to soundly developing sports.Photo by Al Bello Getty

Wining Gold Medal Isn’t Equal To Soundly Developing Sports

Nowadays, the PE classes in Taiwan are overseen by Ministry of Education. Therefore, it becomes a problem:  People think the government should take the responsibility for all sports. That’s is the reason why the sports sector isn’t autonomous. Beside, there are problems of social support, elitism PE education, insufficient sports field, and so on.

Many counties have completely banned smoking in all public places.cover photo. Photo by Chen Liang Ta(陳亮達)

Taiwanese Exposed to Second-hand Smoke as Rules on Smoking-Free Area Unclear

Up to now, there are 144 countries following the FCTC — Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Many members of FCTC counties have completely banned smoking in all public places. No smoking in public area has become a global goal and trend. Although Taiwan isn’t part of World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwan is still active in participating in this pact.