Alice In Wonderland Flourishes Calla Lily Festival – 2136期

Every spring season, Zhuzihu(竹子湖)will launch “Calla Lily(海芋)” festival welcome the blooming flowers with the decorations of different themes. This year, in particular,famers adopt the fairy tale “Alice In Wonderland” as the main topic to display the spectacular scenery of calla lilies that are surrounded by mist.

From 20th March to 26th April, visitors can come to enjoy ten categories of settings located in the field by public transportation. “In 2015, the misty geographical feature in Zhuzihu and naivety impression shall certainly appeal citizens,” said Ping-cheng Li(李秉城)from Beitou Farmer’s Association(北投區農會).

Every year, the association holds a competition to encourage the farmers to organize and innovate settings for their farmland. Therefore, farmers have creatively figured out the plot, the “Alice In Wonderland.”It was estimated that the Calla Lily Festival had attract 4000 to 5000 visitors per day.

“To present the diversity of the settings, we change the decorations every year. This year, we use iron to make a pathway to let the figures become mobile,” replied by the champion of this year’s competition,Cai-chinWang(王財欽), the owner of Ming Yang Pu Farm(名陽匍休閒農莊).


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