Pingxi Sky Lanterns’ Environmental Issues

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival was voted by the Discovery Channel as the second-largest New Year’s celebration in the world. It won the National Geographic Magazine editor’s recommendation“2016 Top Ten Winter Tourism First Choice”. In this festival, combining the New Year’s wishes and the Chinese Lantern Festival tradition, the sky lanterns carry the prayers of the people. When the lanterns are lit, hopes slowly rise, and the flames of prayers dance in the air.

Yong-Hua selecting books. Photo/Chrissy Low Chu Yee

Sunset Industry: Decrease in Number of Book Rental Stores

Walt Disney once said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.” Though book has been regarded as a source of knowledge, bookstores in Taiwan are shutting down fast due to high rent and shrinking sales, as well as the changes in people’s reading habits.


Art of Pastry from France to Taiwan

As an ambitious chef, Chef Courant had been to three different countries before coming to Taiwan. The reason why he came to Taiwan is not because of his passion to travel, but the desire to promote French pastry. It is his great desire to share his skill with people around the world. Chef Courant began to study culinary arts and pastry at the age of fifteen in France and wanted to make it his life time career. Eventually, his dream came true.


Traditional Brewing Art of Taiwan Black Bean Soy Sauce

Indispensable to daily cooking, especially among Chinese, soy sauce has become a crucial seasoning in cooking Chinese dishes.  Black bean or soybean sauces have evolved as time passes with people nowadays usually prefer buying soy sauce sold in supermarkets at affordable prices.  In fact, most of these low-priced soy sauce consist of harmful additives that might endanger our health. 


Culture Differences in Wearing Face Mask between Orientals and Westerners

Demand for face masks is getting higher because of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic since January, 2020. At first, Taiwan’s government organized the “National Mask Production Team,” constructed 60 production lines as quickly as possible and successfully increased daily production to ensure enough supply of masks from 1.88 million to 13 million a day .

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