Yang Jin-long, president of the Central Bank, said that the exchange rate of New Taiwan dollar is stable, so we will not follow the U.S. step.Photo by UDN.

No Need to Panic about U.S. Rates Rise

Stakeholders are urged to stay optimistic but cautious as various actions can be taken to avert potential harms from the recent rise of the U. S. interest rates. While businesses can manipulate financial tools to safeguard their profits, individuals can resort to more diverse currencies trading to lessen their losses from fluctuations in exchange rates.   

Wining gold medal isn’t equal to soundly developing sports.Photo by Al Bello Getty

Wining Gold Medal Isn’t Equal To Soundly Developing Sports

Nowadays, the PE classes in Taiwan are overseen by Ministry of Education. Therefore, it becomes a problem:  People think the government should take the responsibility for all sports. That’s is the reason why the sports sector isn’t autonomous. Beside, there are problems of social support, elitism PE education, insufficient sports field, and so on.

Internet development changes the market of Weak Brand and Strong Brand. Photo/Hsiao Chih-Lin

Future of brand

People associate phone with IPhone and shoes with NIKE or Adidas. But due to the fast-paced nature of the Internet, now Weak Brand (弱勢品牌) — the common online auctions, like PAZZO, Queen shop — have broken the wall between Strong Brand (強勢品牌), and become closer with customers.

The “FUTURE PERFECT” exhibition cooperated with Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. The Spring Pool Glass Official site turn light bulb turn into the wine glass. Photo/Lee, Ting-fung

Small Firms Keep Taiwan Green

From trash classification to renewable energy application, environmental protection accounts for a large part of our daily life today. This is a government that is constantly promoted on television.

Many counties have completely banned smoking in all public places.cover photo. Photo by Chen Liang Ta(陳亮達)

Taiwanese Exposed to Second-hand Smoke as Rules on Smoking-Free Area Unclear

Up to now, there are 144 countries following the FCTC — Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Many members of FCTC counties have completely banned smoking in all public places. No smoking in public area has become a global goal and trend. Although Taiwan isn’t part of World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwan is still active in participating in this pact.

Electronics can’t be the model which children learn from. Photo/Lee, Tin-fung

3D products baby-sitting: Pros & Cons

As most parents are busy with business, they give children smartphones when there are no other options. A majority of people regard connecting with each other through smartphones as a routine. However, electronic goods are too heavy an incentive to children, making them pay attention on the screen and lose interest in reality little by little.

Students should strenthen the campus crisis awareness to protect themselves from danger. Photo by Tang Yu Min(唐毓閔)

University Campus Safety is Unexploded Bomb: Awareness of Problem is Priority

Recently, an acid attack happened in National Taiwan University (NTU), causing one death and two injuries. According to police, after the murderer, who was a student from another school, splashed sulfuric acid to NTU’s students, he then committed suicide. University is an open space. Everybody is permitted to freely get in and out of the campus, resulting in many potential dangers. Universities are flashing red light on security.

TNVR is the most humane way in the current situation. photo/ Chong, Cai-rong

Stray Animals Need Love and Care

A movie named “Twelve Nights” which was produced from dogs’ perspective about euthanasia in 2013 led to a zero euthanasia policy in Taiwan, causing animals’ shelters to be fully packed. The government set out to TNVR (T- trap, N-neuter, V-vaccinate, R-return) stray animals. But the policy seems to be incomplete, as it can’t solve the problem.

Faced with globalization, Taiwan still has mature up-stream textile industry. Photo/Taiwan Trade Fair

Is Taiwan’s Garment Industry Fading? Textile Industry Needs to be Transformed

  Taiwan used to be the biggest manufacturer of ready-made garment. However, faced with globalization, many of Taiwanese factories have moved out of Taiwan, settling in other low-wage and mass-production countries. Nowadays, clothes in the whole world are no longer simply produced – they need to feed consumer appetite. Besides, fast-changing fashions also change consumer habits, affecting Taiwan’s textile industry.

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