Christmasland in New Taipei city

The 2016 Christmasland was opened on Nov. 19, one of the series of activities to celebrate Christmas, which was planned by the New Taipei city government.The most attractive landscape in the Christmasland was the new 3D light show, co-projected with 40 Christie Boxer4k30 Roadster projectors, which is put on every half hour from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. And many people come here to enjoy the romantic atmosphere with family or friends.

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The Real Meaning Of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again. December has come and with all the joys of Christmas. In the past, Christmas was never a big festival for Chinese people, however now, when December comes, streets are decorated with light, Christmas trees are standing everywhere, and people hanging out with their love ones, and friends or families are together celebrating this festival.But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Let’s hear what senior pastor of Taipei Covenant Church said.

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Manual Labor’s Situation

Most of manual labor jobs are unskilled positions. Despite being unskilled, many manual labors pay well due to dangerous workplace. They generally don‘t have a regular employer. So the jobs are more insecure and have low stability. The manual labors need to face a lot of problems, one of them is that the manual labors are the less conspicuous labor group in society.

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